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A profound knowledge of both the business world and the fashion sector allows the Consortium to work in a targeted manner on the companies’ real needs: the initiatives promoted provide concrete, professional instruments to improve companies’ business and help them grow. The range of proposed services is enlarged periodically and is concentrated in two principal fields:

  • Institutional representation
  • Services to the companies


Institutional Representation


Within the manufacturing sector primarily related to the Verona area, but also extending into the entire Veneto area, with ramifications in the nearby areas of Mantua and Modena as well, the alliance between operators in the clothing industry has become a programmatic commitment recognised by local and national economic and political entities and institutions. The Fashion Consortium from the beginning has carried out intense lobbying in defence of the sector, building solid relationships with trade associations, banks, local governments, chambers of commerce and government institutions so that the small companies in the sector could finally achieve visibility and consideration. The recognition in 2003 of the Veneto VeronaModa Production District (regulation 8/2003) sanctioned not only the presence of a complete industry in the area but also the strategic planning of the Fashion Consortium that manages it. Roundtables, seminars, conventions and assemblies have characterised the institutions activities from the moment of the Consortium’s creation.


Services to the Companies



The Fashion Consortium is developing a network for the promotion of its companies and their products in Italy and abroad. The main initiatives in which it takes part for the strategic promotion within the fashion sector are:

  • Presence at international fairs
  • Organisation of visits by foreign fashion operators
  • Promotion of the productive capacities of companies for private labels
  • Product promotion for companies with their own brands


Being united is easier, and it makes things easier still when small and medium-sized businesses market themselves abroad. The value of a collective presence governed by the Consortium in exhibitions abroad, in trade missions or in the offices of representatives is multiplied, while the economic and cultural power of every single business is re-enforced, bringing even impossibly faraway markets within reach. Spain, Greece, Russia, China, the United States—these are the presences of our associates abroad in the aggregate, to which is added the experiences of visits by foreign buyers from Russia, Poland and Japan to the Consortium’s headquarters in the Villa Vecelli Cavriani.


The Consortium was established as a free association of entrepreneurs, complementary to trade organisations, as a response to the need for medium-to-long-term business strategies specific to the apparel sector.
Included among the services offered to members are:

  • Pre-competitive research and development
  • Support for product promotion and marketing
  • Aid in formulating communications and media strategies
  • Enhancement of computerisation and internal process innovation
  • Further study of innovations in the sector through informational activities

Members’ support services are always organised with a consortium approach while never forgetting the specific needs of each associate, to which the Consortium can respond thanks to a selected, highly qualified network of professionals.


Since 2011, The Fashion Consortium has promoted a project for the formation of Purchasing Groups for fashion operators with the goal of creating economies of scale for participating companies. From the beginning, it has pinpointed the Products and Services most transverse and least strategic in order to embrace some of the particularities of the production and processing sectors of the garment trade. Today, it has optimised the participation and management procedures for the Groups, and they are experiencing positive results in terms of consumption and economies. The Consortium is forcefully promoting the project, and it has also shared it with companies from other associations, institutions and geographic areas with the goal of augmenting contractual capacity and reaping the consequent benefits for its companies. 

Purchasing Groups have launched projects concerning:

  • Computer support and consultancy
  • Stationery services
  • Corrugated cardboard packaging
  • Electric energy
  • Insurance brokerage
  • Management and consultancy for subsidised loans
  • Telecommunications
  • Specialized personnel

Contact us to join a Purchasing Group or to receive further information about this service.


Training and specialisation are two processes that today are indispensable in facing the complexity of the economic context and its rapid changes. For this reason, the Fashion Consortium encourages constant training for its companies, creating frequent occasions for further study and updating. In collaboration with institutions, companies and professionals, roundtables, seminars, conventions and courses are organised. These activities are focused on both internal and external company training and are studied to meet the needs of personnel.

In collaboration with professional training institutes and secondary schools, the Consortium offers internships, company visits and classroom meetings with fashion business leaders, allowing for a continuous exchange of information and experience between the world of business and management training and the Italian business community.

The Consortium has also supported from its beginning the creation and development of ReArt fashion Institute. In particular, it has contributed to the preparation of FGA’s instructors and the formation of its curricula, in order to help it be as useful and as pertinent to the productive world as possible.


The Fashion Consortium offers members use of their own institutional headquarters. For an affordable fee, the Consortium’s companies can use various spaces within the Villa Vecelli Cavriani and the organisational support services of the Consortium. In this way, Consortium members have a prestigious setting in which to plan runway shows, photo shoots, meetings, conventions and other events.