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Being part of a system offers all the network's participants business and growth opportunities, through the combination of creativity and talent of a Made-in-Italy business.

Are you a Company, market operator, Institution, Society or professional? Discover the advantages of joining the network.

Your opportunities are our possibilities.

Entering the Fashion Consortium's network means accessing a wide span of business possibilities for your company.
Using the Fashion Consortium's network, you'll have the chance to:

  • open your business to new markets
  • undertake or continue your path toward internationalisation
  • access financing and public works' bidding
  • get professional advice from qualified esperts and organisations
  • take advantage of favourable economic conditions by joining purchasing groups 
  • benefit from institutional representation on national and international levels

Companies that are part of the apparel industry also have the possibility of joining the fashion Consortium and benefiting from the specific services reserved for its members.

Market Operators

Are you a buyer?
Are you trying to buy mens's, women's and/or children's apparel for chains of stores or to import Made-in-Italy products abroad?

Are you a wholesaler?
The Consortium can help you develop B2B contacts with fashion industry operators, supporting you in your research for the right products.

Are you a name-brand company looking for a private label producer?
The Consortium can help you find the suitable production company to wotk with you from developing your collection, to designing it, to producing samples, to the final production of your garments. 

Are you a designer looking for a producer for your collection?
The Consortium can help you choose the best company to meet your qualitative and quantitative production needs.


The Fashion Consortium can represent a bridge for institutions to the area's economic web.  
In fact, joining the network means:

  • finding a direct reference to local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • having a window into the area's economic situation, in order to fully understand its characteristics and needs
  • having a unique and trustworthy point of reference 
  • reaching the business world in a widely diffuse manner
  • joining forces with a planning partner to stimulate the economic growth of the area.

If you want to bet on the Verona fashion sector, if you believe in Italian quality and creativity, if you can create the conditions necessary to find the most useful resources and tools to compete in the marketplace, contact the Fashion Consortium.

Companies and Professionals

If you are a company, a professional or a consultant, with the Fashion Consortium you will strengthen your business thanks to the power and synergies of the network.
Joining our professional network means:

  • offering your professional skills to a consolidated group of potential customers
  • contacting a dense network of relationships in order to expand and diversify your professionalo knowledge and enrich your own business offering with new services
  • promoting your business to the other companies and affiliates of the Consortium
  • becoming a supplier to the Consortium's purchasing groups, offering your services or products to a large number of businesses under favourable market conditions. And much more.

Do you want to contribute your added value to the growth of the Consortium's businesses? Contact the Fashion Consortium to enrich its network.