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The Fashion Industry

The Fashion Industry District of Verona is a geographic-economic group with a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience developed over more than 50 years. Its area of interest includes the entire Veneto region, but is particularly concentrated in the area of Verona where it was founded (the communities of Lower Lake Garda and the areas bordering on the regions of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna).

This area’s development is also due to the presence of an exceptionally extensive infrastructure including interstate highways, the airport and the European Quadrant logistics center, all of which connect the area to the heart of Europe.



In September 2003, the Veneto region recognised for the first time the entrepreneurial system of fashion producers of Verona as the Verona Fashion District. This was an important acknowledgement of the area’s clothing sector which, through a series of economic support policies, benefitted from strategic projects and strengthened its own identity and operations.

In 2014, the Council of the Veneto Region presented a new bill regulating business systems, and decided on a new nomenclature as well.

Today the District is also called the Industry, but that doesn’t change the principles and the foundations that from the beginning have supported its activities and VeronaModa continues to represent an organised group of companies belonging to the fashion sector. They are companies located throughout the apparel industry, from the production to the sales of fashion products, that share projects using business networks.

The principal market outlets for the Industry, besides the Italian market which still constitutes 60-70% of sales, are Spain, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and France, and the District is involved, also through the Fashion Consortium’s activities, in projects for the promotion and internationalisation of its businesses.



The Fashion Consortium promotes and coordinates projects for its own members but also for business networks, the industry and for companies in the VeronaModa District. From its beginning, it has managed many projects, funded with both private capital and public co-financing.

The principal areas of project intervention are:

         - international promotion of its companies

         - participation in trade fairs

         - product and process innovation

Projects with the Verona Chamber of Commerce

SIMM FAIR IN MADRID participation in the 2 editions of the 2005 SIMM Fair in Madrid

RUSSIA BUYS MADE-IN-VENETO B2B WITH RUSSIAN OPERATORS. Trips for Russian buyers, previously selected based on fashion industry requests, that included company visits and company/buyer match-ups in the VeronaModa District headquarters or the Chamber of Commerce. Held in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

MISSION IN POLAND A visit to the Poznan Fair and a B2B in Warsaw with independent and chain-store buyers.

VERONA FASHION SHOW Public RUNWAY SHOWS in Piazza Brà in Verona to exhibit industrial and tailoring accomplishments.

Projects from the Ministry of Productive Activity