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In a competitive environment characterised by great complexity, demanding, attentive customers and the use of new technologies, those working in the fashion industry find themselves having to confront daily situations in which their entrepreneurial ability is not the only requirement needed to maintain their position of leadership.

In order to face these new challenges, it is necessary to form a network, enhancing local technical and creative talents.

Forming a system allows for the interception of strategies created from the large number of interactions and collaborations between public and private subjects, and these interactions can contribute to the product, publicity and sales of Italian fashion.

In this way, the Companies maintain their own identities, yet they are also kept together by an organisational program and a strong web of connections and relationships which permit them to act as if they are part of one large, structured entity.

This means collaborating in order to compete in a global market, maintaining one’s own cultural identity—a real and unique added value—while at the same time taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of others to seize new opportunities.



The Fashion Consortium of Verona was created in 2000 by a group of businesses in the apparel sector located in the lower Lake Garda area. The idea for this union started from the AIV, The Villafranca Association of Entrepreneurs. In the following years, The Fashion Consortium has grown, welcoming numerous new associates from throughout the clothing sector. Today, the major part of the Consortium’s entrepreneurs are located in the Verona area, but there are also members from throughout the Veneto as well as from the neighbouring regions of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna.

Today, the Consortium numbers around 40 businesses at all levels of the fashion industry. They are mainly manufacturing enterprises, with internal capacities ranging from design and modelling to the production and packaging of garments.

The project planning ability of the Consortium, as effective in foreign markets as it is in national ones, its consolidated skill in creating networks among companies, organisations, institutions and corporations, and its notable attention to corporate culture and the defence of the sector always accompany the Consortium’s activities, aimed toward the development of projects of strategic favour to its member companies. In recent years, the Consortium has enlarged its own network of relationships, offering its services and planning skills also to external companies affiliated with the fashion world.

The expertise and initiatives of the Consortium today are directed toward three goals:

  • the growth in competitiveness in the sector through activities and initiatives which have a direct, positive impact on companies, such as purchasing groups or professional training;
  • the representation of the companies in economic and political institutions, that is, lobbying activities through participation in associations in the sector and consolidation of relationships with Chambers of Commerce, Ministries, local administrations and the European Community, as well as research institutes and universities;
  • the promotion of its companies, their products and production capacities (private label) in domestic and foreign markets through activities such as participation in exhibits and fairs, buyer visits, presence in foreign showrooms and on-line promotion.

While maintaining their own identity, companies can derive numerous benefits from the Consortium’s union, multiplying their possibilities of contacting various actors in the fashion world, sharing know-how and information useful to company culture, and increasing their competitive market advantage.