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Confezioni Benaco Snc

Confezioni Benaco was founded in 1975 near Verona, in the small town of Sandrà di Castelnuovo del Garda, an area characterized by a strong textile industry. In that year, Angela Leoni and Giovanna Delaini decided to establish a family-run business, with the aim of producing comfortable clothes targeted to Mediterranean-style women.

In the following years, several investments were made to boost the efficiency of the productions and to increase the quality of the products. Since 2009 the Company has been managed by the second generation of the family. Alberto, Nicoletta and Sabrina Delaini, together with their cousin Michela Zeni, following on their mothers’ heels, have been increasing the production and widening the distribution of garments, branching out both to the Italian market and abroad.


Confezioni Benaco is specialized in the production of womenswear, in particular shapely size clothes for full-figured women. The production is entirely handled in Italy, as the Company avails itself of an internal design, cutting and tailoring department.

The Company produces under its own brand “A&G Collection”, which is addressed to modern women who seek an innovative and original style and want to keep pace with fashion trends. A particular attention is paid to plus size fit and wearability, when dealing with the stylistic method and the realization of garments.

A&G Collection’s fashion propositions are inspired by the modern lifestyle and are addressed to women who pay a particular attention to details and variety of choices, who love making the most of their personality and body shape through clothes. Research, creativity, innovative fabrics, care of details and a wide range of propositions allow Confezioni Benaco to be a state-of-the-art clothing company in both price and quality.

Dealing with the Fast Fashion manufacturing model, the Company has a thirty years’ experience in seizing the unpredictable changes in the fashion market and in selecting the trends from the catwalks, transforming and adapting its offer in order to promptly answer the needs of the market.

Confezioni Benaco, besides producing under its own brand A&G Collection, offers its experience and know-how to B2B customers, designing and producing garments in private label.